Camp Modin Tuition (2024)

1. Parents: Everything You Need to Know: Camp Modin, Belgrade, Maine

  • Credit card tuition rates are 3 percent higher. Tuition discounts of up to $1,000 are available. Please click here for details. Check, Session, Date, Times. In ...

  • Parents – looking for information about Camp Modin? View info for dates, rates, directions, things to do, places to stay, FAQs & more.

2. Jewish Summer Camp: Belgrade, Maine, New England: Camp Modin

  • Parents · Contact Us · Modin Gallery Login · How camp Modin is being...

  • Camp Modin is a traditional Jewish summer camp for kids ages 7-16, in beautiful Belgrade Lakes, Maine. Contact us today to learn more.

3. Camp Modin - Maine Summer Camps

4. Facilities at Camp Modin: Jewish Summer Camp for Kids

  • At Modin, our modern, spacious cabins provide that sense of belonging—a place where everyone can be together. The facilities at Modin are first class. From our ...

  • Camp Modin’s abundant and state of the art facilities ensure each child has the best experience possible. Visit us today to learn more.

5. Alumni: A Century of Modinites: Camp Modin, Belgrade Lakes, Maine

  • ... tuition rates or a 20 percent discount off the published full season or second session tuition rates for as long as they attend camp. Some restrictions ...

  • The alumni at Camp Modin have created a haven where children can grow as individuals, forge lifelong friendships & develop their identities.

6. Camp Videos: Jewish Summer Camp Modin, Belgrade Lakes, Maine

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  • Our camp videos tell a compelling story. We've got one for kids and parents. See what America's Premier Jewish Summer Camp is all about.

7. Press Mentions, News & Resources - Maine Camp Experience

  • ... Camp Experience Win Tuition winners who won $5K Toward Maine Summer Camp Tuition in these posts: Gates Family Wins 5k Toward Camp Tuition at Camp Mataponi ...

  • Maine's summer camps, towns, waterfronts & forests get a lot of attention and press. Read what the media has to say about summer camps in Maine!

8. Dates & Tuition at Tripp Lake Camp | A Kids Camp in Poland, Maine

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  • Tripp Lake is a Maine summer camp for girls. We offer a full line up of summer camp activities, allow girls the chance to grow and make friends, and support their progress with our strong summer camp program.

Camp Modin Tuition (2024)


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