Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (2024)

Welcome to Deep Rock Galactic, miners! The business wants to make sure that your work is completed as securely and profitably as possible. You've come here to figure out what to expect from Hoxxes II and what you can do to avoid becoming Glyphid food.

We'll be adding to these courses so you can thrive and survive on the perilous and carnivorous planet known as Hoxxes II. Deep Rock Galactic explains itself rather well already, so we’ll tackle the most complicated parts of the game.

Without further ado, here is our comprehensive guide to Deep Rock Galactic.


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You have a choice between the four classes offered by Deep Rock Galactic: Scout, Driller, Gunner, and Engineer. They are all specialized, and each one has a special set of tools and weaponry that they use to bring you a particular playstyle. To determine which class best fits your playing style, we recommend trying each one. Jump straight to action; a good dwarf knows how to employ every weapon at their disposal!


The Gunner is all about guns, as the name suggests! By selecting him, you'll guarantee that your team has plenty of firepower to slice through the hordes and provide your team some breathing room with your Shield Generator. Additionally, you can utilize a variety of explosives in this class, and you and your team can use a zipline to cross dangerous terrain.


For this class, mobility and high ground mining are the two primary functions. Due to your grappling gun, no one else can traverse the caves as quickly or climb to the heights you can. Since his armory includes guns and grenades that can deal damage to opponents and render them helpless, the Scout is also excellent in kiting and reviving allies. The Scout also contributes with a flare gun, which you can use to illuminate the planet's dark tunnels.


You become the team's mole if you choose the driller. Drill gloves are used in this class, allowing you to easily carve through the ground, build bunkers, and access everything you want. Your guns and explosives will allow you to disperse large swarms of enemies and give your comrades room to move.


The Engineer is competent at everything. He has a wide variety of weaponry in his armory that can handle any attack, and his grenades give the squad some extra usefulness and damage. Turrets can be deployed by this class, which will reduce the number of bugs that are trying to bite you. The Engineer also comes with the Platform Gun, which can build platforms and ledges that everyone may utilize to move over the landscape.

In order to be able to handle any situation that is presented to you, it is generally advised to have members of each class in your squad. There are some tasks when duplicate classes might be helpful, but as you gain experience, you'll be able to decide when this is the case.

Before we dive into the depths of Hoxxes II, let’s talk about how to prepare for them.


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Your center of operations is The Hub, where you can alter equipment, begin your next mission, and sip on a variety of specialty beers.

After each task, you'll respawn at this location, inside one of the dorms (or inside the med bay if you fail a mission). Character Selection, Miner's Manual, and Key Performance Indicators terminals are available in the dorm. The first one is self-explanatory, and the Miner's Manual will provide you with access to all of the game's information. You can keep track of your in-game data, milestone progress, and perk upgrades using the Key Performance Indicator terminal.


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Milestones are mini achievements/challenges that award various amounts of stars that you can spend to unlock and upgrade perks for your classes, such as being able to self-revive or carrying more minerals.

  • Once unlocked, perks are available for all classes.
  • Each class starts out with 1 passive and 1 active perk slot.
  • You can unlock 2 more passive perk slots at Tier 4 and 9 of the milestone page.
  • 1 more active perk slot is unlocked upon promoting each class once.
  • There are enough milestones to unlock every perk and upgrade in the game. Just prioritize whichever ones you’re most interested in using.


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Your equipment determines your chances of success and survival, so you should experiment and make adjustments to it frequently. This is something you can perform using the equipment terminal.

You won't be able to change anything at first, but as you level up, you'll have rapid access to these upgrades. Here, you can also equip your bonuses. To enter the upgrade tree for a piece of equipment, click on it. The tree is equipped with a handy stat block so you can see what changes when you choose any upgrade.

Each upgrade has an unlock cost in minerals and credits, which can be acquired through missions. Although grinding for all the resources you'll require at first may seem overwhelming, soon you'll be swimming in minerals that you actively loot on trips.

Every upgrade is unlockable, but you can only equip one each row. Selecting synergistic upgrades will improve your chances of surviving. You'll eventually be able to discern what suits you the most as you gain experience in the game and create your own builds.

Additionally, you may create loadouts for various mission types, switch between unlocked weapons, and alter how your armament looks. Additionally, each weapon has a place for an overclock, a significant weapon modifier that is unlocked later in the game (we'll talk about it later).

Assignment Board

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You can go through a series of missions on this terminal, which is across from the mission console, to get access to additional weapons and gameplay elements. The selection map will show these tasks, and they can be accomplished at any level of difficulty (unless stated otherwise).

You won't be hindered from completing the current assignment if you fail a mission, so don't be concerned. Just start over again!

One assignment can only be enrolled in at once. You will halt progress on the current one if you begin a new one. As progress is individual, if you're playing with a team, we advise participating in the same assignment at the same time.

Take note that some assignments have a fixed expiration date. If you begin an assignment before it expires, you have until completion or cancellation (seasonal ones are the exception, they disappear regardless when the holiday ends).

Memorial Hall (Promotions)

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Any class at level 25 will allow you to sign up for a promotion assignment. Any class can complete this assignment.

You can promote the dwarf after completing this task, which lowers the class level to 1. To achieve this, visit the Memorial Hall, where DRG honors the contributions made to keep the business running. You'll locate a terminal that lets you prestige the class at the far end of this area. No upgrades or other benefits are lost when you promote.

Additionally, you gain the following features upon promoting for the first time:

  • 1 extra active perk slot (for that class only, you can unlock this for all classes)
  • Ability to activate Trilyte Key Events during missions (more on that in the Mission section)
  • Assignments to unlock Core Hunts (weekly chances at weapon/cosmetic overclocks)
  • Access to Deep Dives (series of back-to-back advanced missions) and The Forge (the ability to unlock certain overclocks upon obtaining the necessary materials).

The Bar

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Dwarves cannot live without beer; it’s as important to them as oxygen. While the majority of the drinks are intended to help you get wasted and have a good time, you can also receive buffs for the upcoming assignment by drinking the special of the day. Before you explore the depths of the tunnels, make sure to verify these because they are random and reset after each mission. Always check since they can provide you with significant benefits even though sometimes they may not be effective for you.

The next assignment will also consider how drunk you are. When seeking a... Interesting experience, have a beer or two before launching the drop pod. You can get sober, but you're not a human; you're a dwarf.

Mineral Trade

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A brief task must be completed before the mineral trade may be found next to the shop terminal. You can sell some of your extra minerals if you don't have enough credits for an upgrade, or you can buy more minerals here if you do. On this terminal, a new bargain will be posted every actual day, so be sure to look it over.


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Missions are the most crucial aspect of this game. The large glowing terminal in the center of the room is the mission terminal. When you interact with it, all of the regions and mission types that are available are displayed. Each region has a unique biome and dangers/minerals that go along with it. The timer in the bottom left corner shows when the missions and regions will be randomly chosen.

  • Hover over each region to examine the minerals that are offered if you're hunting for a certain mineral.
  • The phase or task that is currently indicated with a white diamond indicates that you are on an assignment.
  • The criteria for the main objective and how much exploration you must complete vary depending on the cave complexity modifier in each mission, which has a length range of 1 to 3. Be sure to plan beforehand!

Although the sheer number of symbols may at first seem overwhelming, they are mostly there so that seasoned players may simply glance at them and know what to anticipate. The fact that you can gauge the level of difficulty is crucial. This difficulty ranges from Hazard 1 to Hazard 5, the latter being the hardest.

The game is intended to be played in the reasonably balanced Hazard 3 environment. Lower the difficulty if you feel that it is still too much for you to manage until you are comfortable with the game. More experience and well upgraded equipment will be needed for higher levels.

Considering how important missions are in this game, pay special attention to the next sections!

Mission types

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Eight distinct mission types are available (two of which are unlocked through assignments). We'll briefly discuss each, what to anticipate, and how to succeed.

But first, let's review some fundamentals that are relevant to any endeavor, regardless of the circ*mstance:

  • Your best friend is Nitra. You can buy resupplies with the angular, vivid red mineral, which is present in every mission. Your ammo will run out during longer or harder missions, so it's critical to always have enough Nitra on hand.
  • One resupply pod can be called down for 80 Nitra.
  • Nitra is shared by the entire squad, so call the resupply when you need it!
  • You can check the amount of Nitra accessible by using your Laser Pointer.
  • Each of the four packs in resupply pods recovers 50% of your resources. When playing with a 4-man squad, resist the urge to hoard all the packs for yourself.
  • On death, loot bugs will leave behind huge pieces of Nitra. We know they’re cute, but don’t think about it too much..
  • By mining bright red sugar crystals or obtaining supplies from an ammunition pod, you can regenerate your health. When anticipating harm, pay attention to the location of the sugar crystals.
  • There are only so many minerals you can carry at once! Frequently deposit your loot in Molly the M.U.L.E.
  • Work as a team to avoid unintentionally pushing Molly back and forth for an extended period of time.
  • There is typically a deposit place on the exit rocket or equipment that travels with you on missions if Molly isn't available.
  • Use your standard flares frequently to illuminate the area and indicate the route you went. In the end, they regenerate!
  • Mark resources and entryways frequently with your laser pointer. It's in every class!
  • An average 'ping' lasts for about 20 seconds.
  • With the Laser Pointer, you can see Molly and your team's silhouettes!
  • It'll also highlight significant mission goals, supply pods, and other noteworthy interactables.
  • No obvious way to proceed? Look for adjacent caverns and tunnels with your terrain scanner (map display).
  • You can bet there's a trail hidden beneath any bright brown compacted dirt you see.
  • Continually work as a team. In big caves, it's simple to get lost, and if you get killed by some enemies, you'll need a partner to help you.
  • You can revive indefinitely. You can recover as long as a dwarf is still standing! Plus, when you're weak, you're virtually unstoppable (and make for wonderful bait).
  • A fall hurts. Reduce the distance you fall, even if it's just a tiny ledge or platform. Try to land on a teammate's head if you can to mitigate fall damage (dwarf skulls are apparently made of rubber).
  • Avoid becoming overly greedy. Concentrate on the main goal. Only get extra stuff if you can afford it.
  • You will only receive 25% of the standard amount of loot, credits, and experience points if you fail a mission.
  • You'll succeed in your task as long as at least one dwarf makes it to the evacuation pod. However, more survivors mean a bigger payoff.
  • Most enemies have a weakness. usually their butts and face. Shoot it if it's glowing.
  • Gray health bars on enemies make them temporarily invincible. So quit wasting ammunition.
  • Molly marks a route to the capsule with light green markers when you exit a mission. You can always go back by following it. You might also make your own way. Keep in mind that whether you are in the escape pod or not, it will depart.
  • Molly occasionally chooses a course that is nearly usable. Clear the path to the escape pod by working as a team (dig tunnels, build platforms, set up ziplines, etc.).

After all of this, let’s get onto the mission types.

Mission types

Mining expedition

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This is the most basic mission. You're at this location to mine and deposit a specific quantity of dark-green Morkite.

  • There will always be more Morkite in hand than you require to finish the task. However, you might need to go back a little distance if you miss too many Morkite clusters.

Egg Hunt

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You're here to gather and deposit all of the dispersed alien eggs on the map. Check your terrain scanner (map) for nearby eggs (they glow orange). When the surrounding area turns purple and appears to be alive, you are close to a nest.

  • Bringing a Driller is recommended in order to make straight routes to each egg.
  • Every time you dig up an egg, be prepared to battle a swarm. There may only be a few bugs, or there may be many more.
  • If you don't want to feel overwhelmed, don't dig up too many eggs at once.
  • While within the nest, the eggs "pulsate" like a visible heartbeat.

On-site Refining

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In order to use the three Liquid Morkite geysers, you must install a fuel pump at each one after being dropped off in a sizable cavern. Then, as the machinery pumps the Morkite, you must construct a pipeline from the refinery to each pump and guard the lines. You will need to move enemies out of the way and repair the pipelines since they will constantly attack and damage them.

  • The distance to the geysers depends on how long and difficult the task is. Some caverns are vast.
  • It is strongly suggested that you bring a Scout and Driller. Send the Scout to find and set up the geysers, while the Driller digs a clean, straight path to each geyser for the pipelines.
  • A pipeline segment can be destroyed by a melee attack if it is laid out incorrectly.
  • The ground can occasionally be a little uneven. You can place the pipeline section as long as it is blinking blue, so simply push the place button and reposition it until it functions.
  • The pipelines can be traveled on. Use them to sprint between locations and flee from foes. If you ride on the pipes, enemies will have a difficult time hitting you.
  • Damaged lines will show red when the pipelines are being attacked, while fixed lines will flash green.
  • Keep the pipe repairs off if you need a break. The next swarm that is set to begin won't show up until they are all repaired.

Salvage Operation

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One to three tiny M.U.L.E.s that were damaged on an earlier mission need to be recovered. To fix each Mini-M.U.L.E., dig up three neighboring legs, then press the button to return them home. The next step is to turn on the uplink and the fuel pod that are close to the escape pod. Until the bar is full, remain in the green area around the machines. When the value approaches 0, the mission will fail if there are no more dwarfs in the region.

  • When you see a green glow or hear a beep, you know you're close to a small M.U.L.E.
  • You can upload the locations of the legs to your terrain scanner by interacting with the broken mini-M.U.L.E. if you're having difficulties finding them.
  • You have some time to get ready before the uplink/fuel pod is activated. Platforms, ziplines, and tunnels made by dwarfs will help you take use of your surroundings.
  • The uplink and the fuel depot charge more quickly the more dwarfs there are in the green area.

Point Extraction

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You're thrown into a gigantic cave once more, but this time you have to search for hidden bright blue Aquarqs. If you notice any glowing blue areas, an Aquarq is concealed there. After gathering enough and returning the goods, you will have to fend against an endless swarm for two minutes before the escape pod is made accessible.

  • It is very advised to have a driller so you can rapidly dig out the aquarqs and find your way back.
  • The Gunner's Ziplines can make it much simpler to return the Aquarqs (especially on inclines).
  • Focus on the nearby Aquarqs first because there are frequently more of them than are necessary.
  • Don't overly rely on the Minehead's (the enormous machine you deposit at) turrets, which are armed but have limited ammo.

Escort Duty

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This time, you accompany a massive drill that performs the mining work for you. While it digs to your destination, guard and maintain the enormous machine. The two batteries on the back must be taken when it runs out of gas on occasion. For charging the batteries, you can use them as laser drills on the black oil shale rocks (you'll need to get very close to drill the oil, though). Plug them back in and repeat the process until you reach the massive luminous Ommoran Core (you'll know it when you see it).

The core must then be "fought" effectively as it is being destroyed. There are four stages that you need to navigate. An initial swarm of baddies is followed by flying laser-firing crystal towers and burning rocks that must be shot down before they strike the drill. You can either mine the spires' bases to destroy them or use enough firepower to take out the glowing spires (we recommend mining). Deposit the core you were after and then extract.

  • Before returning the batteries, make sure they are fully charged. When they are fully charged, the indicator turns green.
  • If you're having difficulties bringing the battery up to a high level of oil shale, it could be simpler to mine the oil normally and absorb the falling chunks.
  • Anytime you have a moment to breathe, actively fix the drill-dozer. It features three health bars, with only one active at any given moment. If it entirely malfunctions, the mission is a failure. Leave at least one dwarf behind to protect her at all times.
  • The Drilldozer is resistant to friendly fire, so shoot without hesitation.
  • When one of the Core's health bars is empty, leave the area. It will blow up.


Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (17)

Threats must occasionally be neutralized before they escalate into larger issues. To kill Dreadnoughts before they can fully hatch, you'll be sent into the caves. To liberate the beast in advance, use your terrain scanner to locate the enormous, glowing orange eggs and destroy them.

There could be one of three categories of enemy. The first is the armored tail of the Glyphid Dreadnought, which must be damaged in order to inflict harm on its health bar. It can spit fireballs at you, use pheromones on you to strengthen its swarm attacks, and after roaring, it may launch a powerful stomp attack.

The Dreadnought Hiveguard is the second class of monster. It starts the combat by summoning smaller guards, all of which must be killed in order to disclose the Hiveguard's three glowing weak points. Take out these weak spots to reveal his real body. Work quickly or you'll run out of ammunition because if it has sustained enough damage or enough time has passed, it will restart and repeat the sentinel phase. It strikes in a way that is comparable to the Glyphid Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought Twins round out the list. You battle two smaller enemies rather than one huge one. The Lacerator, a more melee-focused foe, can send slow rock waves and possesses a flamethrower attack and slam move. The Arbalest, on the other hand, wants to cling to walls while launching a volley of bursting fireballs your way. Both should receive an equal amount of damage. They will become immune and restore their armor/health if the discrepancy in health is too great. During the fight, this will likely occur once, but don't allow it to happen again!

  • Because you expend so much ammunition in these missions, there are a lot more Nitra. Don't forget to stock up!
  • The chance that a specific boss may spawn from an egg is purely random, at 1/3.
  • Create an arena before the boss appears. platforms, ziplines, tunnels for escape, etc.
  • When the boss's armor rips before the beast can patch it, concentrate on doing damage to it.

Industrial Sabotage

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The newest mission to be included in the game. You want to sabotage your robot competitors and collect their data. You'll have to track the power lines to the two stations that need to be compromised because their primary station is protected by a force field.

Pick up the transmitter nodes on the side of the Hacking Pod once you've located one by calling it down. Connect the Hacking Pod to the power plant using a series of nodes, then turn it on. In order to avoid having to restart the process, defend the transmitter nodes and the hacking robot from any oncoming adversaries. If the nodes' connection is broken as a result of terrain changes, the problem can be fixed by moving the nodes' positions or adding new nodes.

You must remove the batteries from the force field projector and battle the Caretaker boss after both power plants have been shut down. The boss's appendages shoot projectiles at you, startling any enemies in the area and unleashing blast waves that you must avoid. Throughout the battle, he also drops turrets and warp bombs on you.

When the glowing corners of the pyramid are visible, you must shoot at them to injure the boss. One of its side eyes will open and become vulnerable after they are damaged. Till the boss is dead, keep doing this. When he dies, there will be a massive explosion, so take caution. Before extracting, take the data rack that appears and return it back with Molly.

  • Throughout the fight, the appendages will continue to appear. We advise avoiding the others and merely destroying the nearest appendage.
  • Focus on avoiding strikes; for the most part, this is an endurance battle.
  • Kill any spawned sniper turrets right away. If not, they'll terminate you quickly.
  • Another top priority target are drones because they'll keep coming at you.
  • As the battle progresses, make sure you have enough Nitra to order several resupply drops.
  • Get out of the pyramid before the shock nodes fully charge if you get within melee range of it.
  • When one of its "eyes" becomes vulnerable, concentrate all your efforts on it.

Secondary objectives

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (19)

There is a secondary objective for every mission you take on that you can fulfill to earn more experience points and credits. Most of the time, it's merely to get some local resources, like flowers or fossils.

However, a few of these aren't as evident, so we'll go over them.

  • Ebonnut: Use melee strikes to break these tiny, brown objects that resemble walnut pods in order to take their bounty.
  • Fester flea: annoying little blue insects that take off right away at the first sight of trouble. Murder them.
  • Gunk Seed: There is no other way to describe Gunk Seeds but as ball sacks suspended from the ceiling. Shoot them, then drop them.
  • Fossil: Usually located on the walls and at great heights. It is strongly advised to send a Scout to capture them.

Mission modifiers

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (20)

Sometimes missions will have three modifiers. Typically, yellow modifiers (anomalies) are positive; for instance, every enemy drops some gold upon death. On the other side, red modifiers (mutators) greatly increase the difficulty of missions while simultaneously adding extra hazard pay.

Some mutators, especially when combined, can make an assignment nearly impossible. These are the warnings' meanings:

  • Cave Leech Clusters: Ceiling leeches spawn frequently and in groups in caves. If someone is grabbed, stay together and save them right away.
  • Exploder Infestation: Small, luminous suicide bombers constantly spawn and pounce on your team during the explosion infestation.
  • Haunted Cave: Your team will be stalked by a huge, unstoppable ghost. Although not as dangerous, narrow cave tunnels can be highly problematic.
  • Lethal Enemies: All melee attacks from lethal opponents hit twice as hard.
  • Low Oxygen: Extremely challenging, you must constantly replenish your limited supply of air by hugging Molly, using a resupply pod, the entry drop pod, or the Minehead (for Aquarq missions). We advise staying away from these missions.
  • Mactera Plague: Numerous flying foes, such as Grabbers, spawn during the Mactera Plague.
  • Parasites: When an enemy dies, little baby leeches emerge and attack. Generally annoying.
  • Regenerative Bugs: If an enemy goes 3 seconds without being struck, they will start to regenerate 5% of their health. Keep going till something dies!
  • Shield Disruption: Personal shields are not functional throughout this expedition. We strongly advise that you change your armor to include health enhancements.
  • Elite Threat: Enemy elite variations will appear. They behave differently and are stronger and faster.
  • Swarmageddon: You will frequently come under attack from simple Glyphid swarmers. This can require a lot of ammunition. They might quickly become overwhelming and deplete your health. Use AoE strikes or hope your Driller is carrying his flamethrower to create a wall of flames.
  • Lithophage Outbreak: The most recent mutator. Be prepared to lather up on infected areas and suck blisters off them. By doing this, diseased bugs will appear and try to eat you. Since this threat will expand and have the potential to overwhelm you later in the mission, you should deal with it right away. Additionally, avoid becoming totally infected.


You might run into some... troublesome adversaries on your explorations through the perilous depths of Hoxxes. Fortunately, as long as you keep out of their domain and don't mistakenly shoot them, they normally don't bother you.

However, killing them will net you valuable loot, and occasionally they will obstruct your path to a mission objective. So let's talk about what to anticipate from them and—more importantly—how to get rid of them.


Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (21)

It appears that parasites have the ability to control machines. Who would have imagined that? There are two parasite suckers that operate this heavily armed machine. Naturally, you'll want to fire these bastards with a yellow light. Unfortunately, BET -C will respond.

The machine gun turret on BET-C fires in spurts, occasionally launches a grenade, and occasionally forms a shield before launching land mines at you.

We advise you to approach the mines closely and use your strongest shots. You have two options when it expands the shield: either run for cover or boost the offense by entering the shield and firing more shots at the suckers.

If you're successful in eliminating her, your group can repair her and use her as an ally for the remainder of the mission. She is unstoppable and has complete control over her arsenal. In a challenging assignment, it will be much simpler to acquire her if you run into her early on.

Korlok Tyrant-Weed

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (22)

The Hoxxes' vegetable top predator. Either the enormous onion-shaped brain or the numerous green sprouts that surround it will catch your eye first. The vines come to life when you trigger them, spitting toxic bolts towards your crew.

Enough of the attacking sprouts must be eliminated for the primary bulb to reveal its fleshy inside. Before it retreats back into its shell and you have to start over with the newly created sprouts, you will have a little window of time to deal enough damage to it. Although you can shoot the bolts the sprouts fire in the air to stop them, it's usually simpler to just keep shooting the sprouts themselves.

The plant will occasionally spew out pink healing capsules that must be destroyed right away. They may heal the main capsule through the terrain, and their presence is indicated by a weak pink ray. Before they undo all the harm you've done, you should find them right away.

Continue doing this until the primary pod dies and takes all the sprouts with it. You can deposit the light green gems she drops into Molly for significant amounts of experience points and credits.

The Prospector

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (23)

The Prospector itself isn't dangerous, technically. In practice, he's entirely harmless until you strike him. He keeps flying around, which is a problem. In certain cases, right next to the enemies you're up against. If a stray bullet hits him, terrible things could happen.

The Prospector will continuously call a swarm of drones and patrol bots that will destroy anything they come in contact with. He'll also attempt to flee. You must pursue him and hurt him enough to remove a portion of his health bars. He will then become impervious and call forth additional foes.

Continue doing this until either he dies or thinks he has had enough and wants to leave. It seems easy, doesn't it? Well, if you're interacting with the Prospector while not occupied, then yes. Fighting a swarm while accidently triggering him can quickly spiral out of control (especially on higher difficulty levels).

On harder difficulties, it can produce an incredible number of enemies, so it's necessary to discuss attacking it with your team before doing so. Before moving on with the objective, you should take care of the Prospector if you need to defend yourself or engage in combat.

The Nemesis

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (24)

Because it attempts to sound like a dwarf, you frequently hear this robotic threat before you see it. You'll rapidly come to detest this evil contraption as it glides boldly at your team.

Nemesis's lengthy, tentacle-like grapples are the greatest obstacle to defeating it. The only way to escape is to have a teammate shoot the arm that is holding you or use the ability "Heightened Senses," which doesn't kill him. If you approach too close to him, he will grip you and strangle the life out of you.

Unless you hide behind a barrier, it's difficult to dodge this grip. He can take you down in less than 2 seconds on harder difficulty settings, therefore you need always maintain your distance. The Nemesis will fire plasma barriers at you if you do so, although it's preferable to being put in a choke grip.

When the Nemesis finally dies, it has a terrible surprise. After a short while, a large number of phase mines teleport around your area in an attempt to murder your team suddenly. Search for an open area, then prepare to jump between the blasts.

You should aim for his large glowing eye and the two orange openings on his flanks if you want to kill him (right under his arms). He is quite tough and can withstand a lot of shots, but if you completely light him up, he will be quickly killed. We’re hoping you have a flamethrower-equipped Driller.

This foe is typically relatively rare. If it arrives at a bad time, it can quickly wipe out your crew. If you spot one of them approaching, you should run away and find a safer location with enough room to battle it.

Random events

Machine events

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (25)

Due to the lack of an explanation or hint when a player first encounters it, this is typically the sole thing that causes them the most confusion. Occasionally, when performing missions, you'll come across random machine constructions. Once you have advanced at least once in any class, you can interact with these. You then receive reusable Tritilyte keys from the game to initiate these events.

These events are only worthwhile if you have a blank matrix core, so let's dig into the specifics before moving on. Deep Dives and unique weekly objectives can be used to earn Blank Matrix Cores. You can write one of three random weapon/cosmetic overclocks into an empty matrix core and create it in The Forge in HQ after successfully completing the machine event. You will also receive a sizable amount of bonus experience points whether you succeed or fail.

There are currently 4 different machine events, all of which are timed:

  • Ebonite Mutation – You must eliminate a certain number of yellow mineral enemies that can only be destroyed by a pickaxe's attack. A nearby sprinkler will pop out canisters, lowering the cooldown of your power attack to nearly nothing. Run over and grab them.
  • Kursite Infection – A number of monsters will spawn in groups and develop blue skin and yellow crystals. These particular foes drop a yellow crystal that must be put in the machine when you kill them. Crystals must, however, be returned as soon as possible because they degrade quickly.
  • Omen Modular Exterminator – The AI tower of doom must be turned off. To find the weak points at the top, middle, and base of the tower, your team must spend enough time standing on three separate empowered platforms. Attack drones, lasers, machine gun targeting lasers, and jumpable laser beams must all be avoided in the meantime.
  • Tritilyte Crystal – With nearby bombs that are delivered, you must destroy a massive spike crystal. The bombs must be launched towards the spike because they are large, heavy items.

Rival Communications Router

Deep Rock Galactic Ultimate Guide for Beginners (26)

There are several Antenna Nodes all around the Rival Communications Router. The router will begin a self-destruction sequence when the relays have been disabled. The flickering antenna will change to a different antenna every 30 seconds, therefore the Dwarves must locate them in the allocated time and proceed to disable them. The active antenna can be neutralized by interacting with it to remove your dwarf's hacking tool, which then launches a brief hacking minigame. In the minigame, you must choose both sides of one of the two wires shown on screen and then locate the wire's "weak point" to cut it. To successfully hack the node, repeat the process for both of the two wires.

The dwarf will be electrocuted and kicked out if the sequence time expires, and another node will take its place as the active node. The number of nodes that must be successfully compromised depends on the size of your team. The Communications Router will explode in a 30 meter radius if an event fails, doing extremely high damage. The self-destruct will be stopped if the event is successful, and access to the data cell inside the router will be made available.

Prospector Data Deposit

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The Prospector Data Deposit is a randomly discovered obelisk-like construction inside the caves. In an Industrial Sabotage task, a Dwarf can engage with it to summon a Hacking Pod, the same kind that is called down when engaging with a Power Station. Players must use Transmitter Nodes to attach it to the Deposit once it has arrived, much as they did during the previously stated mission type. It is the building where the Prospector Drone stores its data according to folklore.

A button will show on the Hacking Pod once the connection has been made, and pressing it will initiate the hacking process. During this time, waves of opponents will spawn close to the Hacking Pod, frequently aiming directly at it rather than the Dwarves. If the drone sustains enough damage, just like in sabotage missions, it will return to its housing and need to be reactivated. Along with the usual enemy spawns, a wave of Patrol Bots and Shredders will appear once the hacking progress meter has been filled to 1/3 and 2/3, respectively.

Meteor Impact

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This random event was added in Season 3: Plaguefall. In normal missions, the Meteor Impact event has a 25% to 33% base chance of occurring once or twice; however, missions with the Lithophage Outbreak warning will not experience this event. After the collision, two Rock Cracker pods can be summoned down and linked to the meteorite. It will kill anything in the impact zone, including anything that can open Dreadnought eggs during Elimination or harm the Drilldozer during Escort Duty. As waves of creatures are drawn to the machines, maintenance and protection are required. 3 to 4 Plaguehearts can be found inside the meteor once it's finished. As soon as all of the Plaguehearts from the meteorite have been deposited, Mission Control will respond.

Small Extras

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Every now and then, you might notice some strange colorful lumps in the landscape. Digging beneath them will yield some precious minerals that are worth depositing. Watch out for the many varied patterns there are!

You might come upon a freight box once in a while. You can fix the crate for a ton of minerals and peculiar cosmetics if you can locate the two neighboring batteries (they beep like mini-M.U.L.E.s) and bring them back.

Additionally, occasionally you can come upon the beeping shell of a former dwarf's helmet. When you interact with it, your terrain scanner will download a purple marker. You can find a ton of loot and more valuable cosmetics if you can dig your way there (we strongly advise getting a driller).

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