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The 2024 season of Farmer Wants a Wife has really had it all, from one pair leaving the show early, rumours of another farmer walking away, a bonus new farmer joining the show…and of course more love and chemistry than ever.

It’s not entirely surprising though – fans of the show know it’s one of Australia’s most successful reality dating franchises, leading to countless weddings, engagements and Farmer babies.

But, while many fans love the week-by-week drama, eliminations and solo dates, what most audiences really want to know is who the final couples will be.

This year, fans didn’t have to wait too long after Farmer Dean made his final pick by episode six! But what about everyone else? As we reach the end of the season with the highly-anticipatedreunion episode,we’re rounding up the final couples.

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Farmer Dean and Teegan

Just six episodes into the 2024 season, fans were surprised to learn one of the final couples!Farmer Deanmade the decision to send the remaining women on the farm home after admittingTeegan was the one.

“Teegan, I have fallen in love with you,” he admitted. “I want this journey between me and you to start.”

Although the couple’s chemistry was strong, Farmer Dean revealed during the reunion episode the couple had since parted ways.

“We decided to go separate ways,” admitted Farmer Dean. “It was definitely a bit of a shock.” Read more about their separation, here.

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Farmer Tom and Sarah

22-year-old cattle farmer Tom also made his final pick early, sending two women home to pursue Sarah.

“I’m looking forward to having you alone and not worry about anything else,” he told her.

But are they still together? Fans were happy to see Farmer Tom and Sarah still together during the reunion episode, happily moving along “slow and steady” with their relationship. Here’s what else we know about their post-show life.

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Farmer Dustin and Sophie

Farmer Dustin couldn’t deny his “immediate connection” with Sophie. Acknowledging he “felt like they had known each other forever.”

During the final episodes, audiences watched Farmer Dustin declare his love, telling Sophie: “As soon as I saw you, I thought, you’re absolutely gorgeous. I really wanted you to be the first one to come home and be on the farm and see all the special places that mean so much to me.”

“One thing you’ve taught me is to open up and be vulnerable. It’s definitely made me into a better person,” Dustin admitted.

“I’m in love with that small town girl from Rand and I can’t wait to start our life back on the land,”he continued.

Fans were glad to see the couple still together during the reunion episode and althoughthere have been a few hiccups with living arrangements on the farm, the couple are looking forward to their future together, sharing that Farmer Dustin was fixing up his house so Sophie could move in.

“We’re very happy, still in love and excited to see what the future holds,” Sophie added.Here’s what else we know about their post-show relationship.

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Farmer Todd and Daisy

The final episodes of the season saw Farmer Todd choose Daisy over Grace.

“Finding love is a big risk,” he admitted. “I’m willing to take the risk with you, Daisy.I can finally give you the reassurance that I am definitely falling in love with you.”

As one of the more polarising couples of the season, all eyes were on Farmer Todd and Daisy during the reunion episode to see if they were still together – and it’s clear the couple are moving from strength to strength.

With Daisy now living on the farm and working in town, the couple have quickly found their rhythm and looking towards the future…even admitting to wedding and baby plans! Find out what they had to say.

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Farmer Joe and Sarah

FarmerJoe found the girl of his dreams, selecting Sarah in theFarmerWantsAWifefinale.

“This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made,” he admitted, before declaring his love.“I love the person youare. I love how strongand determined youare.”

“It hasn’talways been easy with us. We’ve had some tough times. I’ve sometimes felt that you’ve pulledaway,” he continued. “But Ialso know that you can beashy personand take your time to get to know people.”

“Ialso like that you challenge me. I don’t haveall theanswers for us, but I do see myself falling for you in the future. I want to tackle the future with you by my side,and usasateam.”

“I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but whowantsme.”

Since the reunion aired, Sarah has taken to Instagram to confirm she and Joe are still going strong – also hitting back at how their storyline was portrayed. Read her full statement, here.

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